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Guangxi Teachers Education University

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Guangxi Teachers Education University

Guangxi Teachers Education University (GTEU), located in Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was founded in 1953 and originally named as Guangxi Teacher Training College. Ratified by China State Council in December 1978, it was upgraded as a province-governed general higher normal institution which practises full-time undergraduate programs. Ratified by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council in 1998, GTEU was approved as a Master Degree authorized university. In 2008, GTEU was awarded the Grade of Excellence in the Evaluation on Teaching Outcome of Undergraduate Programs, organized by the China Ministry of Education. In 2013, GTEU was approved to be Guangxi Project Construction Unit for the New Doctor Degree Conferring Unit.

GTEU has three campuses – Mingxiu, Changgang and Wuhe Campuse with an area of 1688.7 mu (about 115 hectares). The total value of teaching and research apparatus and equipment in GTEU is RMB 130,300,000 yuan while the library stores 2,850,000 books and other publications (including 1,290,000 e-books). GTEU has 21 faculties, six auxiliary teaching units, 43 research institutes, one affiliated demonstrative school and one jointly-run independent college. GTEU now has 12,482 full-time undergraduates, 158 diploma students, 1,146 MA candidates, 148 foreign students and 20,080 students of adult higher education programs.

Reasonable Structure of Disciplines and Majors

GTEU sets up 10 discipline categories: Philosophy, Economy, Law, Pedagogy, Literature, History, Sciences, Engineering, Management and Art. It offers 63 undergraduate programs which include four major construction points of higher education institutions of the Ministry of Education, one elaborate major at autonomous region level, one key major at autonomous region level, nine excellent majors of Guangxi higher education institutions, and eight competitive special major construction points of Guangxi higher education institutions. GTEU has 11 master degree authorized units of the first grade disciplines, 43 master degree authorized units of the second grade disciplines and four professional master degree authorized units. In 2013, GTEU was granted with the Guangxi government’s special financial support for Guangxi Project Construction Unit for the New Doctor Degree Conferring Unit.

. The three first-grade disciplines of Geography, Chemistry and Pedagogics are the constructive disciplines for doctor degree and the three first-grade disciplines of Mathematics, Marxist Theory and Sociology are the supporting disciplines for doctor degree. GTEU is among the first group of the construction of featured higher education institution project granted by the Guangxi government, and one of the higher education institutions ratified by the China Ministry of Education to enroll foreign and HK, Macao and Taiwan students.

Qualified Teachers

GTEU has 1,223 employees, including 857 full-time teachers of which 136 are professors and 172 are of doctoral degree. Among the teachers, two are entitled with the State Council’s Expert of Special Government Allowance, one is the winner of the National May Day Labor Medal, one is the candidate of ‘New Century Excellent Talent Supporting Plan’ of the Ministry of Education, three are the winners of Guangxi May Day Labor Medal, three are Guangxi Excellent Experts, five are candidates of the second level in Guangxi New Century Ten, Hundred and Thousand Talents Project, one is the winner of the Guangxi Youth Science & Technology Award, two are of the Title of Bagui Famous Teacher, four are teaching celebrities of Guangxi higher education institution, one is the teaching celebrity of Ideology & Morality Course of Guangxi Higher Education Institution, four are candidates of Guangxi Hundred Young Backbone Teacher Supporting Plan, 16 are candidates of Guangxi Excellent Talent Supporting Plan, 13 are candidates of Guangxi Supporting Plan for Hundred Young Backbone Teachers in Higher Education Institutions and seven are candidates of Guangxi Training Project for Excellent Young Backbone Teachers in Higher Education Institutions. GTEU has four creative teams of Guangxi Talent Small Highland in Higher Education Institutions, five teaching teams at autonomous region level and four teaching teams of teacher education major at autonomous region level.

Remarkable Achievements in Teaching Reform

GTEU has one pilot undergraduate program for comprehensive reform from the Ministry of Education, eight projects for the construction of featured major and course integration of Guangxi higher education institutions, five key teaching laboratories of Guangxi higher education institutions, three experimental teaching demonstrative centres of autonomous region level, two demonstrative construction centres of experimental teaching at autonomous region level, two initiated projects for the construction of talent fostering model innovation experimental unit, one high-quality video open course at national level, two initiated constructive courses in high-quality teacher education sharing course of national level, 34 high-quality video open courses at autonomous region level, one demonstrative teacher education base at autonomous region level, one Guangxi joint training base of creative talents in postgraduate education, and five joint training bases for postgraduates at Guangxi higher education institutions.

In the past five years, GTEU has achieved four items of National Awards of Teaching Achievements, 35 items of Awards of Teaching Achievements at autonomous region level, five items of Guangxi Awards of Excellent Achievements of Education Science, 224 prizes of National Courseware Competition (including one Grand Prize, 29 first grade prizes and 48 second grade prizes), 108 prizes of Guangxi Teaching Software Competition (including 20 first grade prizes and 28 second grade prizes), 163 teaching research and reform projects at autonomous region level (including 98 New Century Guangxi Higher Education Teaching Reform Projects and 65 projects of Guangxi Education Science Plan), 26 projects of Guangxi Teacher Education Research, one project of Guangxi Education Science Emergency Study, three entrusted key projects of Guangxi Teacher’s Work, three key projects of Guangxi Education Reform and Development Research and 31 special projects of Guangxi Reform and Development Research on Academic Degree and Postgraduate Education.

GTEU is approved to be the first batch of Demonstrative Teacher Education Base at autonomous region level. It has started the construction of ‘New Experimental Zone of Teacher Education Reform and Innovation’, constructed the new Model of Three-in-One Joint Running (Higher Normal Institutions + Local Government + School) and carried out the exploration and practice of the four-year consistent system and the ‘3+2’ model for vocational teacher training.

Strong Trend of Academic Research

To date, GTEU has one MOE key laboratory jointly constructed by MOE and Guangxi, one key laboratory of Guangxi, one key research base of the Propaganda Department of Guangxi Party Commission, one intangible cultural heritage base of the autonomous region level, one teacher education demonstrative base of the autonomous region level, one Guangxi key research base for education science, one research base of teaching reform pilot project in Guangxi elementary schools, three key laboratories of Guangxi higher education institutions, four science and technology innovation platforms jointly built by institution and enterprise, and one key research base of Humanities and Social Sciences.

In the past five years, GTEU has received sponsorship from government or enterprise for 974 research projects with a total value of RMB 15,126,000. The annual average science and technology spend is RMB 3,025,000, which funds 35 projects at national level, 191 projects at ministerial and provincial level and 430 projects at general department and university level. The faculties have issued 4,777 theses of which 184 pieces have been collected by SCI and 206 pieces have been collected by EI, published 226 works and textbooks, achieved 52 invention patents and 44 awards at ministerial and provincial level, including three First Prize of Guangxi Social Science awards, one Second Prize of Guangxi Natural Sciences award and two Scientific and Technological Progress Prize awards of Guangxi. GTEU has been awarded Advantage Collective of The Education System in National Second R&D Resource Checking Work, Advantage Collective of ‘Three Pair-work Innovation Action Plan’ of Guangxi higher education institutions. GTEU Journal was ranked as a Guangxi Excellent Journal in the 7th Session, while its Philosophy & Social Sciences Edition has been awarded National Excellent College Journal in Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Column of Intangible Cultural Heritage Research has been awarded as the Featured Column of the National College Journal in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Improvements in Quality of Talent Cultivation

Based on the school motto, Walk and talk, with both good morals and intelligence, GTEU has made great efforts to train applied talents who can meet the needs of social development. The innovative ability of our students has greatly improved. The undergraduate and postgraduate students participating in all kinds of competitions have won 4,642 awards as follows: 180 national awards including three national grand awards, 22 national first prizes and 43 national second prizes; 4,409 provincial awards including 287 first prizes and 685 second prizes; 143 Guangxi graduate student innovation projects, 80 national college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training projects, 279 provincial college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training projects, one National Advanced Class and 18 Advanced Classes of Guangxi. The athletics and basketball teams of our university have identified as national college and university high level sports teams by the China Ministry of Education. With its high employment rate of graduates among universities in Guangxi, GTEU have won the title of honor ‘Advanced Unit For the Work of College Graduate Employment’ for 10 consecutive years.

Extensive Non-academic Correspondence Education

GTEU has been approved by Guangxi Education Department as “Guangxi Training Base for Compulsory Education Project in National Poverty Area”, “Guangxi Post Training Base of School Directors”, “Guangxi Training Base of Teachers of Primary and Middle School”, “Guangxi Training Base of Pre-school Teachers of Primary and Middle School” and “Guangxi Guidance Centre of Secondary Vocational Education Reform. GTEU has acted as an important training base to guide and serve teacher training in Guangxi.

In the past five years, GTEU has improved its training level greatly so as to undertake 56 national training programs, 83 provincial training projects, 45 self-raised projects. The trainees have varied from teachers of various levels (elementary, vocational school and kindergarten) to managerial personnel of various education administrations. The training fields have gradually covered pre-school education, elementary education, vocational education and higher education. The training fruits a lot as 107,000 teachers and education managerial personnel have been trained and the funds for training have been accumulated to RMB 81.66 million yuan.

International Exchange Improvement

GTEU carries out the policy of education open to the world and actively integrates itself into Guangxi-ASEAN international education cooperation. GTEU has jointly set up Thai Language and Cultural Centre, Chinese Centre in Indonesia and Thailand. GTEU focuses on the construction of education exchange and cooperative channels and has set up “Sino – Australia Institute” with the Australian Education International Group, “Guangxi Overseas Chinese Education Base” with Guangxi Commission of Overseas Chinese Affairs, “Tourism Management Undergraduate Program (MOE45UK2A20141640N)” with Cardiff Metropolitan University in UK, and the partnerships with more than 20 foreign universities and colleges. GTEU is the Institution of Guangxi Government Scholarship For ASEAN Students.

Colorful Campus Culture and Social Activities

GTEU is a pilot innovation unit of School CYL Key Work set up by CCYL. Its construction of classified ideological guideline working system for CYL is approved to be the pilot innovation project. GTEU has won ten times of the Honorable Title of Advanced Unit of National Summer Vacation Activity for Student Volunteers with Three Services into Rural Areas which is jointly issued by the Propaganda Department of the Party Central Committee, Civilization Office of the Party Central Committee, Ministry of Education, Central Committee of the Communist Young League, All-China Students’ Federation. Its Teacher Ethics Forum won the 3rd prize of Excellent Achievements in the College Campus Culture Construction held by the Ministry of Education. “Hongshui River” Website is awarded one of the 4th National College Hundred Best Website. Its Spiritual Home Column won the title of Fine Column in the Guangxi College Ideological and Political Education-themed website granted by Department of Education of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. GTEU has set up 34 students’ societies of which five are appraised as the Excellent Students’ Society of Guangxi Higher Education Institutions, and has won the Excellent Achievement Prize of College Campus Cultural Construction of Ministry of Education, the 1st Prize of Excellent Achievement of College Campus Cultural Construction of Guangxi, the Excellent Organization Prize in National and Guangxi College Students’ Art Performance, the College Excellent Organization Prize in “Challenge Cup” of National College Students’ Competition of External Academic and Technology Works, the Good Program Prize in the 1st Guangxi People’s Reading Activity and the Excellent Organization Prize in the 1st Guangxi College Faculties’ Cultural Art Festival, and is appraised as the Advantage Unit of National College Arts Education.

Various Coordinated Development Achievements

GTEU has won numerous awards and titles such as the State Advanced Unit of National Unity and Progress, National Language Standardization Demonstrative School, National Mass Sports Advanced Unit, National School Sports and Health Advanced Unit, National Outstanding School of Military Training in Colleges, the Second Session National Outstanding Institutions of Higher Education Research, National Excellent Organization in Hosting Chinese Classic Recitation, National Advanced Unit of Arts Education, National Demonstration Base for Volunteers in Helping the Disabled, Advanced Team of Work of Guangxi Higher Education Association, Guangxi Benevolent University, Guangxi Safe and Civilized Campus, Excellent Sanitation School of the Autonomous Region, Green University and others.

School Motto: Walk and talk, with both good morals and intelligence

Address: No. 175 East Mingxiu Road, Nanning, Guangxi, P.R. China 530001

No. 4 Yanziling Road, Nanning, Guangxi, P.R. China 530023

Website: http://www.gxtc.edu.cn

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